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August 2007 Issue 1


Wellness Tips


  • Health

    Health Tip
    Avoid Plastic containers for food and water storage because the toxic chemicals in the plastics can leach into your food or beverage.
    Click here to read James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC article regarding this important issue.



  • Pets

    Pet Tip
    The hot weather can be extremely deadly for your pet. Please provide plenty of shade and water during the hot summer months and remember not to leave your pet inside a car. The temperature inside a parked car will quickly become much hotter than the outside temperature during the summer months. Anything over 110 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous to your dog or cat. A 90 degree Farenheight day can reach 110 degrees inside a car in less than 10 minutes.



  • Planet

    Eco Tip
    Cutting down on the Garbage. Avoid unnecessary garbage whenever possible by kindly asking for only what you need. For example many food establishments give extra straws, napkins, utensils, that are not necessary.

    Healthy Recipe



  • Easy Vegetarian Pasta Sauce

    Vegetarian Pasta Sauce
    This vegetarian homemade pasta sauce recipe is based on top quality ingredients. It not only helps the dish to taste as well as it does, but also provides the greatest health benefits.
    Click here to view this recipe.

    Member Messages

  • Discover XanGo ~ Discover Life!

    Mangosteen is having amazing success all over the world Click here to find out why!

  • Holographic Universe And Time

    Time is never something as we consider it, for we understand time depending on our way of observation and perception capability. Time is shaped (sculpted) in our minds based on a way we, the humans observe the universe, and it is a product of our five senses perception. However in fact, it is only the eternal, undivided, "universal one whole moment" that exists, and that "one moment" is considered as "time (passages)" in the presence of an observer... Click here to read this blog!

  • Free Reading

    Free Reading
    Free reading with Susan/White Lotus here for more information!

  • Living Green & Circle of Hearts Profusion

    Green Living
    For those interested in learning about Papercrete Click here!



  • Healthy Thoughts

    Healthy Thoughts
    I define comfort as self-acceptance. When we finally learn that self-care begins and ends with ourselves, we no longer demand sustenance and happiness from others.
    Jennifer Louden

    I like coincidences. They make me wonder about destiny, and whether free will is an illusion or just a matter of perspective. They let me speculate on the idea of some master plan that, from time to time, we're allowed to see out of the corner of our eye.
    Chuck Sigars



  • Featured Article
    The Essence of Conversation
    Featured Wellness Article
    Almost all our misfortunes in life come from the wrong notions of what we think about ourselves. Humans are divine at birth. However, as the exposure of their vehicle on the planet expands the tendency towards contamination increases. Psychologists tell us that by the time a child is 5yrs old they are....Click here to view article.

    Featured Petition
    Protect the Gray Wolf From the Bush Administration!
    The Bush Administration plans to allow hundreds of gray wolves to be slaughtered on behalf of the livestock industry -- while the Gray Wolf is still listed under the Endangered Species Act!
    Click here to sign the petition.

    Featured Member
    Life Dynamix's Wellness Messenger


    A Message From Lynne

    All living things love their life, desire pleasure and do not like pain. Anything that can feel pain should not be put to pain - Please help stop animal abuse!

    Click here to view profile.

    Featured Video
    How To Make Pumpkin Hummus
    Pumpkin Hummus
    Chickpeas, tahini and pumpkin are the ingredients used to make this fun and different variation of regular hummus.
    Click here to view this video.

    Featured Groups

    Angels For The Animals
    Angel Dog
    Message from group creator Lynne.
    We can make a difference and Help our Animal Friends. Please don't close your eyes to what is happening!
    Click here to view this group.

    New Age
    New Age
    A Message from group creator Nadine.
    Join together as sisters and brothers and take in all that is good around us...Welcome!
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    Carol Alt - Raw Nutrition

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    A Message from Steven Ferrel

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