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You are encouraged to study the online materials below prior or while generating your points. You may request the test at your conveinence. We reward those members who help spread the message of wellness for the greater good. This course is free for members to view and when a member generates 100 or more activity points they qualify to take the Life Dynamix's Online certification course for free. This empowering course can certify you as a Wellness Specialist enabeling you to earn money while helping others. This course cost $395 for non community members, but is awarded to members for contributing to a better world. 100 points can easily be generated within an hour, or much faster by inviting your friends! Below are a few of the activities that generate points:

  • 100 Points - Invite 20 people using the Invite Feature. Please inform Steven - Your Friend & Site Host if you send this many invites so that he can add the appropriate points to your account.
  • 1 points - Add a "comment" to a profile, post, gallery, images, videos, events etc.
  • 1 point - Add a blog, forum post, group post or bulletin
  • 1 Point - Add a poll, quiz, song, or video
  • 2 Points - Adding a Photo to the gallery
  • 50 Points - Invite 10 people using the Invite Feature. Please inform Steven - Your Friend & Site Host if you send this many invites so that he can add the appropriate points to your account.

    Below is the course....please take advantage of this amazing gift:

    Empower people to function and feel their best! Get Certified and become a wellness professional (Certified Wellness Specialist) through Life Dynamix. Learn the latest in innovative Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Toxic Free Living and Bio Energetic Medicine through our comprehensive educational program.

    Would you like to become an expert in wellness?

    Would you like to empower your health choices, your friends, and clients?

    Would you like to a earn a great income by helping others?

    If so...
    the Life Dynamix Certification program may be perfect for you!

    The principles of Life Dynamix help people access healthy energies. A Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialist helps empower others to function and feel their best by utilizing the concepts of Life Dynamix. All Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialists are required to pass a comprehensive program to help insure that they are most qualified in helping others to access these healing frequencies.

    What Is A Life Dynamix Certification?
    This course is a wellness certification. Those who pass the exam are designated a Certified Wellness Specialist. A Certification with Life Dynamix helps an individual help others while ensuring their own financial independence. A Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialist is an individual with expertise in mental mastery, nutrition, fitness, non toxic living and bio energetics.

    Is There An Age Limit?
    We encourage young people of all ages to take this test, however, those who successfully pass the exam and are below the age of 18 are awarded the title "Wellness Specialist Apprentice" until which time they are 18 years of age. When an apprentice turns 18 they are eligible for the phone interview that will determine if they become a Certified Wellness Specialist.

    How Do I Become Certified?
    Candidates are graded on an online and written exam. Successful answers maybe posted in the Ask An Expert section of the Wellness Community.
    In order to become certified, candidates must:
  • 1. Score 85% or better on the online and written exams.
  • 2. Pass a short phone interview with a Life Dynamix Advisory Board Member. Those who successfuly pass the exam are given a short phone interview that will ensure that the candidate is able to appropriately represent the title of a Certified Wellness Specialist.

    What Happens If I Successfully Complete The Program?
    Successful candidates receive a certificate stating they have successfully completed The Life Dynamix Certification program. Thereafter, they have the right to use the initials L.C.W.S. after their name. These initials symbolize an extraordinary level of health and wellness competence. Certified Wellness Specialists are posted alphabetically on www.lifedynamix.com with desired contact information immediately following successful completion.

    What Does L.C.W.S stand for?
    L.C.W.S. stands for a Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialist.

    Course Materials

    Below Is The Online Course

    Step 1

    Please study the online materials at the following links:

  • Life Dynamix Certification Manual PDF

  • Intro Video to Neogenesis

  • Neogenesis PDF

  • Life Transformational System Instructional Videos Video links are below

    These video files are encrypted in a Windows Media file. If you are unable to view the footage please download Windows Media Player from this trusted link below:
    Click Here for a windows media player plugin.

    Click here for Part 1
    Topics include: Introduction, and Mental Mastery

    Click here for Part 2
    Topics include: Nutrition

    Click here for Part 3
    Topics include: Fitness

    Click here for Part 4
    Topics include: Bio Energetics, and Non Toxic Living

    Step 2

    Contact Life Dynamix at: certification@lifedynamix.com or 888-458-8649 when you are ready to take the test. Life Dynamix sends an email with test questions and a link to a online exam.

    Step 3

    Take the online exam and answer the questions in the attached test.

    Step 4

    Send an attachment of completed test to: certification@lifedynamix.com

    Step 5

    Life Dynamix evaluates your test results and informs you of the results. If you pass the online test a short phone interview is scheduled.

    Step 6

    A member of Life Dynamix Advisory Board calls you at a agreed upon time and asks a few questions to ensure that you have a good understanding of the material.

    Step 7

    Immediately after a successful phone interview a certificate is issued in your name and your desired information is listed in the Certified Wellness Specialist directory.

    Life Dynamix is an eco friendly business and provides all required study materials through online access. Hard copy versions of these materials are available for an additional $50 fee. The title Life Dynamix Certified Wellness Specialist and the initials L.C.W.S are trade named through Life Dynamix. Only those who have been issued a certification from Life Dynamix may utilize the title or initials.

    Life Dynamix Advisory Board

    James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC
    James A. Ferrel M.D., CNC is a retired physician and a certified nutritional consultant who specializes in preventative and environmental medicine. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Click here for Dr. Ferrel's profile.

    Lauri Moody N.D.
    Dr. Moody received her education from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe. She has helped many lose weight, feel better, sleep better, balance hormones, feel younger and more energetic, and find relief from both acute and chronic ailments.

    Click here for Dr. Moody's profile.

    Dr. Harmandar Singh
    Dr. H. Singh is alternative medical practitioner, media consultant, education counselor and a writer having sound touch of both east and west. He is well versed in most of the alternative, holistic and nature cure and care therapies.

    Click here for Dr. Singh's profile.

    Thomas Bodnar M.D.
    Thomas Bodnar M.D. originally from Indiana moved to Phoenix, Arizona and has been practicing orthopedics since 1972.

    Penny Bailey B.S., A.C.S.M, A.C.E., C.I.A.R.
    Penny Bailey B.S., A.C.S.M., A.C.E., C.I.A.R. is a fitness expert. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Penny Bailey
    Click here for Penny's profile.

    Carol Roach M.ed
    Carol Roach, M.ed holds a masters in counselling psychology. She is a counselor/therapist by training and an accomplished writer. She has published two books; Picking up the Pieces: A woman's Journey, publishamerica, 2004, Angels Watching Over Me, Lulu.com, 2007.

    Click here for Carol's profile.

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