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February 2008 Mailer #6


Wellness Tips


  • Health

    Health Tip

    Fatigue is the most common complaint in doctor's offices today. What most people do not realize is that fatigue is not just an isolated symptom that should be treated like another illness. Fatigue is indeed the basic energy imbalance in the body. It can be due to glandular imbalances, toxic metals, nutrient deficiencies, improper bowel flora, chronic infections and other metabolic disturbances. Click here for the full story.



  • Pets

    Pet Tip
    Carpet Mess
    Baking soda is helpful for pet messes on carpet. After you soak up the what you can with paper towels, sprinkle a healthy amount of baking soda on the stain. Leave it on the stain for a few hours allowing it to absorb the rest of the residue and odor before removing the baking soda.



  • Planet

    Eco Tip
    Choose Canvas Bags
    "Paper or plastic?"...neither. When grocery shopping bring your own cloth shopping bags to help eliminate the destruction of trees and the fact that plastic takes over 1,000 years to decompose.

    Healthy Recipe

    Healthy Recipe
    Black Bean & Corn Salad

    Serves 4 - 6


    1/3 cup fresh lime juice
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
    2 (15 ounce) cans black beans, rinsed and drained
    1 1/2 cups frozen corn kernels
    1 avocado - peeled, pitted and diced
    1 red bell pepper, chopped
    2 tomatoes, chopped
    6 green onions, thinly sliced
    1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro (optional)


    1. Place lime juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, and cayenne pepper in a small jar. Cover with lid, and shake until ingredients are well mixed.

    Click here to view the full recipe.

    Member Messages

  • Discover XanGo ~ Discover Life!

    Mangosteen is having amazing success all over the world Click here to find out why!

  • Building Up A Massage Clientel For Rest of The Year

    It takes courage to start your own business and massage therapy is no exception. It’s a big step graduating, taking a new turn in your life and going out on your own. But it doesn’t have to be so scary with the right planning and approach. A Massage business is like any other business- well let’s clarify that the principles are the same. You need a plan of how you are going to get clients, that’s the first thing to do. Its not use saying you are a self employed Massage Therapist until you have clients. And getting those clients takes a strategy. So how can you develop this strategy to get clients? here to read more!

  • Beyond Valentines Day

    I have made it an intention of mine to create a day of celebration that I will call, “Beyond Valentines Day.” This is intended to be a day of total inclusion. It will be a day when all are invited, without exclusion, to celebrate the one reality that is beyond our personal and illusory feeling of separateness. This feeling of separateness is at the core of our broken relationship to the source that creates all. This source is Love. This is not just some sweet idea but is the core of who each and every one of us truly is. To know this is to be in real communication and communion with oneself and ones neighbour. here to read more!

  • Words of Wisdom With Lama Jigme Gyatso

    Lama Jigme Gyatso

    Bliss and Openness
    How are we to transform our experience of Buddha’s yoga’s from “Ignorance of Ignorance” to “Spontaneous Mastery? ...Post

    Patrul Rinpoche, the Tibetan, devotee of the Buddha of Compassion {Chenrezig}, encapsulated the entire Buddhist path with this verse:
    One deity, Chen-re-zig, embodies all Buddhas;
    one mantra, the Six-syllables, embodies all mantras;
    one Dharma, Bo-dhi-chit-ta, embodies all practices
    of the development and completion stages.
    Knowing the one which liberates all,
    recite the Six-syllable mantra.

    To really appreciate the first line of the passage:
    "One deity, Chen-re-zig, embodies all Buddhas;"
    We have to know Atisha’s famous quote.

    So who was this “Atisha”? Many centuries ago, he was a great Indian monk, whom the Tibetan king begged to come to Tibet so that he could help with their Buddhist Renaissance. They invited Atisha several times to come. But he didn’t ...Post

  • Free Reading

    Free Reading
    Complimentary reading with Susan/White Lotus here for more information!

  • Healthy Thoughts

    Healthy Thoughts
    You see things and say 'Why?'; but I dream things that never were and I say Why not?
    Goerge Bernard Shaw

    People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
    Abraham Lincoln



  • Featured Article

    The True Purpose of a Relationship
    No, it's not to make babies! Although making babies is a very important consideration regarding the propagation of our species, especially in Europe and the United States where the birth rate is plummeting, it's not the prime purpose. And it's not to keep you company. Or make you financially or psychologically secure. Or to help the other person get by in life, or any other of those kindhearted, empathetic reasons. No, it goes much deeper than that. ....Click here for the full story.

    Complimentary E - Book

    Insomnia Relief

    Relief From Insomnia: Naturally

    Do you have trouble sleeping? This E-Book by Life Dynamix covers natural techniques to help those who suffer from sleep disorders.

    Get yours at no cost when you create your complimentary community membership at Life Dynamix.

    Featured Member


    A Message From Sharon

    "All life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. Every thought and word that we say has a creation energy frequency. Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmed not only by genetics but by language, word and thought. What you think and speak is energy creation. Everything you experience in life whether it be by words, thoughts or deeds, is recorded and stored in your cellular matrix, your conscious and sub-conscious mind. A species can only evolve by utilizing the information stored within, to survive and continue that species. All thoughts that are recorded in your conscious and sub-conscious mind are also sent out to the collective consciousness around the planet. "

    Click here for the rest of Sharon's message.

    Ask A Wellness Expert with James A. Ferrel MD, CNC.
    Dr. Ferrel
    Dr. Ferrel's profile

    Could amino acid therapy be a powerful addition to other therapies?

    In my opinion, amino acid therapy is extremely problematic. Theoretically, benefits could accrue treating deficiencies in nutritional amino acids, which manifest in specific ailments or symptoms. The brain-body connection is the supreme determinant of body functions. Amino acid therapy has the potential of impact on that connection, as many amino acids are neurotransmitters. My first concern as a physician is to "do no harm." It is suggested by the authors of Heal With Amino Acids And Nutrients, that this type of therapy would be "natural." It is true amino acids are part of plant and animal protein. However, they never occur in tissue as individuals. Independently amino acids are not natural foods. The natural way we assimilate them into our metabolic pool is very complex. Nature only makes the L-form in higher...
    Click here for the full story.

    Featured Petition
    Petition For The Greater Good
    Tell the Olson Twins to Go Fur-Free!
    The twins' heartless decision to wear fur and include it in their new fashion line, The Row (more like "Death Row"), is worse than a fashion no-no—it's cruelty to animals. The twins have ignored our pleas to stop wearing fur—and have since added horribly ugly fur items to their new clothing line. It's obvious that we need your help to convince them that wearing fur is wrong and hideous! Some animals are killed by having their necks broken or their skulls beaten before being strung up by their back legs and having their heads cut off. Others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. There is absolutely no reason to kill animals for their fur when there are so many fashionable and humane alternatives!
    Click here to sign the petition.

    Featured Group
    Vegan Recipes
    Total Wellness A message from the group creator Dreama.
    Come one come all, Share a Vegan recipe.

    Click here to view this group.

    Featured Event
    Health Meeting
    Featured Wellness Event
    Join us for information on how to bring your health and Wellness business to new heights. We are the world's leader in nutritional cleansing. February 25th 2008
    Click here for more information.

    Featured Video
    Curl and Lunge Exercise
    Featured Video
    Life Dynamix fitness expert Kendra Kessel demonstrates how to perform a curl and lunge exercise.
    Click here to view this video.

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    A Message from Steven Ferrel

    I am extremely passionate about spreading the message of wellness for the greater good. For when people feel better they are generally kinder and more compassionate to others. And that healthy energy generated from one individual may indirectly touch thousands of hearts. I've created a community to help others spread their message as well. It is a place that many can share, inspire, support, learn and grow. You will discover tools that I've developed to help spread those messages to millions of others. Please stop by and create your complimentary membership. Explore the possibilities that your message has to offer!

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