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Dec 21,2008
Although the holiday season is meant for a time of rejoicing, relaxing and spending time with the ones we love, it more often than not ... [full story]
2568 times read

Dec 04,2008
The holiday shopping days are quickly disappearing.  Still struggling to find gifts for those people on your "hard to shop for" list? Instead of another ... [full story]
2393 times read

Sep 28,2008
Fitness and weight loss truly do not have to be complicated. Picking one specific goal to work on each week is a relatively painless way ... [full story]
5546 times read

Jan 24,2008
Leading health organizations are recommending 30 minutes of daily, moderate to vigorous activity to assist the public in their quest to better health; this ... [full story]
4172 times read

Oct 05,2007
Ripped, six pack abs may get admiring looks at the beach or by the pool, but in my world as a strength and conditioning coach, ... [full story]
7223 times read

Sep 02,2007
  Nowadays we tend to spend most of our time either behind a desk for eight hours a day or staring at our computer screens. You ... [full story]
4878 times read

Aug 21,2007
The Lower Abdominals
by David Grisaffi
The lower abdominals may be the single most popular subject among fitness enthusiasts today. This is due to the fact that having flat, tight, lower ... [full story]
4422 times read

Mar 29,2007
Are you looking to change the shape of your body or trying to lose belly fat without joining a high priced gym? If so, try ... [full story]
11871 times read

Feb 18,2007
Are Your Workout Routines Right for You? So you’re pushing up 200lbs over your head during a military press and this young little hottie ... [full story]
9136 times read

Dec 21,2006
The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the word ‘yukti’ in Sanskrit and it means ‘union’. What union would this be referring to? Yoga means the ... [full story]
17719 times read

total: 40  displaying: 1 - 10  1  2  3  4  > >>

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