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Jul 05,2009
Cherries For Your Pain
by Daniel Monroe
Believe it or not, an estimated 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease which causes stiffness, pain and inflammation. The most common ... [full story]
2829 times read

Mar 20,2008
It would be easy, in this long run of important presidential primaries, to be convinced that the problems we have with our health care system ... [full story]
3858 times read

Nov 13,2007
Many of us suffer from the “I feel sick syndrome.”   We are not truly “ill,” in the sense that we do not have a significant ... [full story]
3984 times read

Aug 17,2007
We've been conditioned almost right from the cradle to believe that the only way to kill pain is with drugs. Get a headache, pop an ... [full story]
7115 times read

Jun 28,2007
We've long known that music can soothe the savage beast, but wenow know that it also helps heal the ravaged body. When peoplewho are ill ... [full story]
3635 times read

May 27,2007
Frequent back pain does not have to be a life-sentence. You can often decrease your pain. Sometimes (if the pain is due to injury) you ... [full story]
13383 times read

Mar 16,2007
We’re going through a sticky patch in hospital care. Patients and their loved ones often feel that there are too many doctors (and you rarely ... [full story]
5688 times read

Feb 19,2007
OverviewMelatonin is a natural hormone, which is produced and secreted by the pineal gland. Melatonin plays an important role in the regulation of many hormones ... [full story]
6529 times read

Feb 10,2007
Boost Your Energy Using Color
by Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM, LEE
Feng Shui is typically thought of as the rearrangement of furniture and objects in one’s space in order to create positive changes. And this is ... [full story]
6580 times read

Jan 16,2007
Getting your blood pressure checked regularly is important. It could well save your life! High blood pressure can be a silent killer in that it ... [full story]
21518 times read

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