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Feb 12,2008
No, it's not to make babies! Although making babies is a very important consideration regarding the propagation of our species, especially in Europe and ... [full story]
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Dec 09,2007
Relationship is when partners or lovers know or trust one another very well. A confidants of one another. It is a commitment... Lovers want ... [full story]
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Feb 16,2007
It is easy to become stuck in our routines and automatic behaviors. While this is necessary is some ways, it also has the effect of ... [full story]
6219 times read

Feb 14,2007
I have made it an intention of mine to create a day of celebration that I will call, “Beyond Valentines Day.” This is intended to ... [full story]
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Dec 16,2006
There is one choice you can make that will heal many of your relationship problems. This is the choice of kindness – to both yourself ... [full story]
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Dec 02,2006
Four Tips To Be A Great Listener
by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
We spend 75% of our wakeful time communicating: -40% listening -35% talking -16% reading -9% writing Typically people hear less than 25% of a conversation. If you ... [full story]
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Nov 12,2006
Couples that have a very good relationship are not just lucky. Successful, loving relationships do not just happen. The couples that have loving relationships are ... [full story]
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Nov 01,2006
Do you believe that you need a partner to be happy? My client, Adrienne, an attractive woman in her 50’s, has been married and divorced ... [full story]
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Jul 31,2006
Everybody has been around a negative person at least once in life - probably many times. A negative person will bring you down and drain ... [full story]
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Jun 20,2006
Nedra, one of my clients, was quite upset when she received an email from her friend, Roxanne, ending their friendship. The email was quite blaming, ... [full story]
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