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Nov 11,2007
2875 times read

Sep 19,2007
Several months ago a friend shared with me the gift that an active practice of gratitude had been for her. Up to that time, ... [full story]
11652 times read

Sep 11,2007
In the practical world I grew up in, sexuality and spirituality were not considered poetically. The logic of aiming for a successful life left ... [full story]
4695 times read

Jul 14,2007
The so-called "inner voice", the spiritual part of man, to which he can listen, is the intuitive perception. It is not without reason that people ... [full story]
3026 times read

May 09,2007
As you learn to leave alone the activity of unconsciously trying to be the mindbody that you think that you are - the mindbody that ... [full story]
2878 times read

Jan 27,2007
There are many views today regarding the source of depression, those that involve an understanding of brain chemistry and of neuro-transmitters being among the more ... [full story]
10763 times read

Nov 21,2006
1. Opposites live within us all. I have worked with dreams for decades because they are the most profound spiritual guidance we all have access ... [full story]
3935 times read

Nov 15,2006
The power of the human spirit is a strange paradox. It is at once one of the strongest and at the same time the frailest ... [full story]
10959 times read

Sep 25,2006
We think that we lack beauty and live in an imperfect world but that is only because we are not seeing correctly. Beauty is an act ... [full story]
3144 times read

Aug 01,2006
What Two Secrets Can You Apply to Turn Every Movie You Watch into a Spiritual Experience? There are two things you can do to transform Every ... [full story]
3677 times read

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