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May 25,2009
Challenges live and breathe in a Beautiful World. If there were never hardships, the word appreciation could not exist. How would we know that a ... [full story]
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Dec 14,2005
Editors Note:Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of the most widely read, internationally best selling authors in the field of self -development. There are over 30 million ... [full story]
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May 17,2005
By Steven Lawrence Ferrel We can all have an optimistic view of the world if we realize that many challenges have their place in a ... [full story]
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May 06,2005
By Steven Ferrel C.N. Many components are involved in weight loss. Genetics, eating habits, activity levels and body chemistry are just a few. However, all the ... [full story]
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Mar 07,2005
    We are all given the tools, but it is up to us what we decide to build and how magnificent it will be.Steven Ferrel Goals ... [full story]
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Nov 28,2004
Attitude is the most vital attribute toward success, if it is lacking so will the results you achieve. If while playing golf and on the ... [full story]
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Sep 30,2004
A Poem By Steven Ferrel In life's journeyDo the best that you can do,To see the good in yourself and othersAnd the good will come back ... [full story]
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Mar 22,2004
By Steven Ferrel C.N. When it comes to calories it is the way you design those calories that will determine how effective your body can ... [full story]
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total: 8  displaying: 1 - 8

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