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Sep 21,2009
So much has been written on the topic of weight gain, eating disorders, and body image, and, by all appearances, the problem is getting worse. ... [full story]
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Sep 08,2009
  Question: Any natural weight loss ideas? Response: Many people have challenges maintaining an ideal weight. Rapid weight loss causes a loss in muscle tissue ... [full story]
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May 09,2008
Proven 5 Diet Tips for Flat Abs
by David Grisaffi, C.H.E.K. II
Your belly is a miracle of its own making! A diet of 4000 calories each day won’t do much good to your belly shape. But ... [full story]
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Feb 24,2008
Some people try nearly every kind of new dieting idea thatcomes along hoping that one of them would finally work but endup finding it hard ... [full story]
2907 times read

Oct 19,2007
Why Do You Feel Fat After Losing Weight?
by Sandra and Matthew Blakeslee
Why do you still feel fat after losing weight? Why is yo-yo dieting so prevalent? Are anorexics really being honest in their heart of hearts ... [full story]
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Sep 28,2007
Yoga can be a fun and fulfilling part of an overall weight management strategy with the added benefits of stress reduction, control over cravings and ... [full story]
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Sep 21,2007
4 Things That Always Come Before 6-Pack Abs
by David Grisaffi, C.H.E.K. II
Sometimes all it takes to get caught up in the hype of the latest ab machine or miracle pill is a simple photograph of a ... [full story]
62747 times read

Aug 09,2007
7 Reasons Diets Fail
by Life_Dynamix
There are many reasons why diets fail. 7 Top Reasons Are: 1. Fad Diets Have Little Success 2. Calorie Restriction Can Burn Muscle - Muscle ... [full story]
5785 times read

Apr 28,2007
Yoga is widely known and performed by many people today, mostly by health enthusiasts. The goal of Yoga is to aid a practitioner in achieving ... [full story]
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Mar 12,2007
No matter what your age or circumstances, stress is aninevitable part of everyone's life and ongoing stress actuallycontributes to gaining weight. Elissa Epel, PhD and ... [full story]
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