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Revenue Sharing Opportunities

Life Dynamix is dedicated to helping people, and with the current economic climate it is our duty to create revenue sharing opportunities for those who help make your wellness community a reality.

Magazine Revenue Sharing Opportunity

The Wellness Messenger is your community magazine. The online version is sent to over 100,000 newsletter subscribers and provides a way for Life Dynamix to spread the message of wellness while generating sponsorship funds.

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Future concepts include an online store with opportunities for members to share revenues. This is your community, your place to unite and shine for the brilliance and prosperity of all!

Do You Have A Wellness Business?

Life Dynamix Members who have a wellness business and would like it featured in the Wellness Messenger magazine receive 50% off on all rates.

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Help Pick The Cover For Your Magazine

7 Day Update
If you haven't had a chance to pick you favorite photos...Click here to post your positive comments on your favorite photos. The photo with the highest number of positive comments from different members will become the Spring 2010 cover.

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Would You Like To Be A Forum Moderator?

Life Dynamix will introduced moderators for your forums to enhance interaction, communication and joining hands for greater good.

Please contact Life Dynamix to participate as a moderator for a forum category.

1st International Graduate Announced

Dr. Singh

Life Dynamix is happy to announce Dr. H. Singh as the first graduate from outside the United States to successfully pass the Wellness Specialist certification course. Dr. Singh is Alternative Medical Practitioner, Media Consultant, Education Counselor and a Writer having sound touch of both East and West. He has written more than 25 books for children and 25 in general for everyone. Dr. Singh joins first graduate Jason Cline as part of the certification staff.
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Featured Video Message


LD member Scarlett shares her message of wellness.

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Featured Post

Why aerobics isn't the best choice for losing excess weight?

Deepa shares this wellness article.

Fitness is not just about maintaining the right weight and looking good. It is the efficient functioning of mind and body that involves perfect co-ordination between the two. So you see a fit person always shows agility, mental balance, rhythm, power and speed. His thoughts and actions are in perfect harmony and he is free from diseases. For you to achieve any kind of fitness level, it requires... Click Here for this post.

Featured Cause

Help Beluga Whales

Industry giants are pressuring the Obama Administration to abandon endangered beluga whales in Cook Inlet, Alaska. We need your urgent action to help protect these rare whales from extinction. Please tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to finalize its proposal to designate an area of more than 3,000 square miles as critical habitat for Cook Inlet beluga whales. Cook Inlet belugas live in one of the most populated and industrialized regions in Alaska. Their health and habitat is continuously threatened by the devastating effects of development and pollution... Click here for this post.

Featured Wellness Photo Shoot


Click Here to view some of Michelle's photos that will be in the Arizona edition of the Wellness Messenger magazine.

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