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Life Dynamix Seal of Approvals
Life Dynamix Approval Seal Many manufacturers try to pass foods and products off as healthy, natural, and nutritious when they are not. With so many hidden toxins in products today, it can be very difficult to determine if a product is good for you. Life Dynamix takes the guesswork out of your decisions with our Seal of Approvals. You can rest assured that the products in this section have all passed our requirements making the products in here safe. If you have any questions regarding any products that are not listed feel free to send us the name and information were we can obtain the product and we will evaluate it for you. Send your requests to info@lifedynamix.com. We will constantly be updating this section to inform you of more healthy options.

Healthy Foods

Requirements For This Section Are As Follows:

  1. Earth And Animal Friendly.
  2. No Genetically Modified Ingredients.
  3. No Irradiated Foods.
  4. No Hydrogenated Fats
  5. No Harmful additives from The How To Read Labels Ingredients To Avoid List.

    Eden Organics
    Organic tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, sauerkraut.

    Dr. Pragers Patties
    These do not contain high amounts of free glutamic acid (the bad stuff in MSG) that many veggie patties contain. They are also very palatable with many differerent variations. We recommend to cook them at a low heat or to steam them to stave off advanced glycation end products.

    While most health bars are basically a candy bar REBARS are packed with nutritious ingredients.

    Vegan Bars
    Organic Vegan Bars are our favorite for the ideal health bar. Not only are they filled with only nutritious ingredients they are cold processed, a system of processing that allows them keep their nutrients intact as opposed to other options that causes nutrient and enzyme loss.

    Whole Earth Foods
    Organic canned goods, cereals, cola, jellies, and nut butters.

    Healthy Beauty Products

    Requirements For This Section Are As Follows:

    1. Product Can Not Contain Any Of The Unhealthy Chemicals In The How To Read Labels Beauty Ingredient Avoidance List.

    Burt’s Bees
    All of Burt’s Bees beauty products conform to our requirements. They provide a vast variety of hygiene products ranging from lip balm to hair care products.

    Organic Beauty
    These lotions and creams have only nurturing ingredients that your skin will love.

    Health & Home
    Healthy Home Products

    Requirements For This Section Are As Follows:

    1. Products must be beneficial without creating any toxins. Ideally they will help diminish pollutants.

    The Journey To Wild Divine
    The Journey to Wild Divine is the first inner-active computer game to combine ancient breathing and meditation exercises with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.

    Orange TKO
    A powerful cleaner made of organic ingredients. From tub & tile and carpets and laundry, to cleaning oil, grease, adhesives and caulking.

    Sonic Pest Repellant
    This product is effective in riding insects from your home. It works with sonic waves, thus keeping toxic pesticides from your home and your body. The following web site contains a variety of other products as well such as bird and animal repellers.

    Osaj Intimates
    Heal, harmonize and balance your body beginning with your intimates. These traditional boxers are made from the finest, softest, unbleached organic cotton.

Life Dynamix Health and Wellness Disclaimer
Before implementing any changes in physical activity or diet, consult with an integrative medical physician, a doctor who specializes in both naturopathic and conventional medicine. The intent of the life enhancement information and wellness products contained within this site are to increase your energy, health and happiness. They should not replace your doctors counsel. If any information is contradictory to your doctors advice, we recommend getting a second opinion ideally from an integrative medicine physician.
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