Wellness Messenger British Columbia Edition Released

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1st Graduate Announced


Life Dynamix is delighted to announce Jason Lee Cline as the first person to successfully pass the Wellness Specialist certification course. Jason lives near Seattle, Washington USA. He is extremely passionate about learning, helping others and taking care of his future self.

Featured Post

Spreading awareness and unity in your community

Dreamyvee shares this important message of wellness.

A few days ago a series of fires broke out in the middle of the night in my community. It was shocking and disturbing to hear that over 10 fires were set and went ablaze all within about 90 minutes in homes, porches and cars. 2 people passed as a result of this event. It is very sad and my heart goes out to all those effected by this tragedy. After losing everything, the remaining victims of the fires were just glad each other were all alive. The news portrayed our community as one that would now be living in fear, however it was the exact opposite. People immediately came together... Click Here for this post.

Featured Video Message


LD member Reynae shares her message of wellness.

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Featured Wellness Photo Shoot


Click Here to see some of Elena's photos that will be in the Arizona edition of the Wellness Messenger magazine.

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