For The Greater Good

True Rest...A Business For the Greater Good

Life Dynamix and Wings For All would like to applaud True Rest Float Spa for helping an orginization that aids children called ChildHelp. True REST recently had a special day where all the proceeds from Floating went to ChildHelp. The entire day was a success with every session booked and all floaters enjoying the healthy experience. True Rest has been in business just over a year and has helped thousands of clients with stress, pain relief and getting a better night's sleep.

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Congratulations To Deepa Khare!

Deepa is the newest Certified Wellness Specialist. Deepa joins Wings For All administrator Dr. Harmander Singh and Jason Cline. Deepa loves nature and peaceful solitude, and enjoys spending quiet time by herself. She uses meditation to clear her mind of negative thoughts and regain her faith in the world, to believe in magic and to feel the subtle energies that is around us. To find out more about Deepa look for her feature in our next issue of the Wellness Messenger magazine.

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Greater Good Hero
Wayne Dyer is an inspiration to many.

Steve Ferrel
What do you feel we are here on earth for?
Dr. Dyer
We are here for a purpose, we come into this world knowing what our purpose is but we forget, just as we forget our dreams. We go from a place called nowhere to now here, which is the same it is just a question of space. And then we go back to nowhere. While we are in no where, before we show up here, we know what we are here for, we sign up for it. We come in as a spiritual being and we are here as a physical being, but we are actually still a spiritual being having a physical experience... Click here to read the full interview with Wayne Dyer.

Featured Cause
Whales in Danger

Build Pressure on the White House to Stop Icelandic Whaling As part of an NRDC campaign to stop Iceland's illegal slaughter of whales, they are ramping up the pressure on the White House to impose sanctions on that nation. Since 2006, Iceland has killed hundreds of whales for profit -- including 280 endangered fin whales -- in defiance of an international moratorium on commercial whaling. So far, BioGems Defenders have sent more than 97,000 messages to President Obama, urging him to impose tough economic sanctions.

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Featured Event
Phoenix's Biggest and Best Raw MEGA-Potluck

For those who live in the Phoenix area may wish to join this special occasion with proceeds benefiting orphans in Africa. For those who haven't attended one, more than 100 people can turn out and the food is outstanding! With the summer heat easing away, it's time to gather the community together again for the very best in Raw Food. This time it's with a greater purpose.

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Featured Article
Yoga Benefits Diabetes
Gentle yoga classes may help people with type 2 diabetes take off a small amount of weight and steady their blood sugar control, a small study suggests. The study, of 123 middle-aged and older adults, found that those who added yoga classes to standard diabetes care shed a handful of pounds over three months. Meanwhile, their average blood sugar levels held steady -- in contrast to the non-yoga-practicing "control" group, whose blood sugar levels rose.

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Featured Post
In This Love
By Sean FM

I swim the sea,
Feel its depths as I breathe,
Tell myself it is Me
Not another rendition that I see.
I, walk in three's,
Me, Myself and He
And because I know what it means to be
I inhale your breathe so that I can reflect its shadow through my
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Featured Video
A wellness message from Reynae
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Be Positive....I've been through a lot of dark and sad times in my life where I was feeling really down on myself. But as long as you stay positive and appreciate all the little things in life, you'll be a lot happier...people will be a lot happier to be around you, and you will make a bigger impact on the world. Because there's a lot more beautiful things to be happy about...than dark things to be sad about.

New Featured Members
Say hello to some of our newest members of Wings For All.
Delia is currently in Romania joining thousands of others sharing blessings for the world. She recently completed her yoga certification and enjoys the benefits of the raw food lifestyle. Click here or the image below to view her profile on WFA.

Michelle is a Life Coach living in Phoenix, Arizona. Click here or the image below to view her profile on WFA.

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