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  • Dr. Ferrel talks about plastic food.
  • Interviews with earth and animal guardians Ethan Smith and Guy Dauncey.
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    How To Break The Addiction To Anger

    Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
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     In my mind are thoughts that can hurt or help me. I am
    constantly choosing the contents of my mind.
     Dr. Gerald Jampolsky
          It is easy to become addicted. We are all creatures of habit. Habits provide a sense of certainty, security and stability in our lives. When they are disrupted our sense of well being becomes easily threatened. However, when we depend upon a habit for our sense of well being, it is easy for it to develop into an addiction.
    Addiction to anger is one of the most common and lethal addictions, and one most seldom recognized. The anger addict becomes hooked by the false sense of power anger brings. As the addiction grows, it consumes more and more of their lives, producing painful consequences.
    The best way to undo an addiction is to look it squarely in the face, see what triggers it, how it functions become aware of the false promises it offers and the huge costs we pay. Then we replace old behaviors with new ones that are easy and enjoyable. As we dissolve an addiction we regain power back over our lives.
    To begin to dissolve the addiction to anger, we will start by becoming aware. What is the source of this addiction? What function does it serve?
    Functions of Addictions
    When we are addicted to anything (anger, substances, relationships), many troubling aspects of life are blocked out.  Our focus narrows. The addiction numbs us to painful feelings we may not wish to deal with. The addiction is serving as a defense against anxiety. It prevents us from seeing and dealing with issues,

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    Healthy Thought

    I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Member Wellness Messages

    Is It Me, Or Are We ALL Having So Much Fun With Life?
    By CelebrandoVida

    This is a time of enormous global change and the human race is currently living in probably the most exciting times in the history of our planet. We are presented with the opportunity to create a new way of living that will surpass our own imagination. Finally things have worked out for the best, not only because anything which does not comply with the purpose of life must become submerged in the backwash of evolution, but because we have raised our level of awareness and consequently are receiving the rewards...

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    Insight on this trying times
    By Bodhi

    Like black ink, the power of darkness has taken over As negativity reigns... and releases all pains... In greed and avarice our humanity is torn asunder Yet in the strongest night, the day comes nearer the promise of light goes ever stronger, Like dawn to midnight, Without night, there would be no daylight. We have made mistakes so the lesson reverberates ever We have created grave problems so the solutions will be greater We have courted the darkness so we will see the light Even this global crisis will teach us love, freedom, and insight!
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    Human Harmonics: The Journey Within ~ Choosing An Abundant Reality
    By Harmonicutopia
    Our loving inner guidance will always lead us to the life we desire. As we remember to hear our loving inner voice, it will guide us to make the choices and decisions that will hold the greatest light for us and place us onto the higher path. As we choose the path with the most light, we are choosing success at its highest level, and we will feel the acceleration of our growth, aliveness, and abundance return to us. Our new unlimited thinking will lead us to make more conscious and aware choices that bring us the life we want. Our past has lost all its power to hold us; we are free beings of light. We can now mentally release decisions we made in the past that were preventing us from experiencing the reality we desire. We can freely make choices in every now moment as to what we believe as our truth. What resonates for us is our inner guidance leading us to where we desire to be. We create positive futures, as we know we can freely become any reality we want.
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