Your Wellness Community at Life Dynamix is now called Wings For All

Your wellness community at Life Dynamix is now officially called Wings For All. We hope that you enjoy the new look and features that are coming to your community!

Do You Know A Hero For The Greater Good?

We now have a new section that features our everyday heroes for the greater good. Some heroes may not be well known, however, they are making a difference for the greater good and should be known for their compassion throughout the world! If you know of one of these heroes please share their story of inspiration in this new section.

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Arizona Residents Please Vote No On Proposition 109!
Tomorrow is Election Day, if you are an Arizona resident and Arizona's wild animals need your Arizona you to vote NO on Prop 109. " If we don't block Prop 109, Arizonans will lose their voting rights and scientific wildlife management will be replaced with partisan politics. As an animal lover and active Arizona citizen, urge everyone you know in Arizona to vote NO on Prop 109 and send an eCard now."
Wayne Pacelle,
Humane Society
President & CEO

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Wings For All Is Connected To Twitter, Facebook, Linked In And Others!
Wings For All is connected to many social networks. You are able to sync your existing account to all of the most popular networks. View friend feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, Youtube and share your updates conveniently to these networks. And for those on Twitter and Linked are able to send messages to your friends on these networks right from your dashboard!

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Wellness Messenger Arizona Edition

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Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist

Empower people to function and feel their best! Get Certified and become a wellness professional (Certified Wellness Specialist) through Life Dynamix. Learn the latest in innovative Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Toxic Free Living and Bio Energetic Medicine through our comprehensive educational program.

Get your complimentary online course materials when you join the wellness community.
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